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Last Updated Tuesday, September 24, 2013 06:51 AM Texas time
Dreams Really Do Come True
With over a 100 Web sites devoted to the best-selling Twilight book saga and even a day dedicated to the much anticipated Twilight film adaptation (hitting theatres Dec. 12), called Twilight Tuesday, one might wonder what all the commotion is about. (Aug. 9, 2008)

From stay-at-home mother to best-selling author, Stephenie Meyer captivates readers of all ages around the world

Jessica Alba Films Thriller in Paradise
Jessica Alba is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood.
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photo of Jessica Alba
Jessica Simpson's New Movie
One of the most anticipated movies of the summer season is the big screen adaptation of the hit TV series Dukes of Hazzard.
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GirlsNews Reporter Among Artists Honored
Everyone knows the Golden Globes, and of course, The Oscars, which honor great actors worldwide.
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Comedy for Kids
Comedians recently performed in Beverly Hills, Calif., to help ailing children. The all-star lineup included Chris Rock, Ray Romano and David Spade.
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Young Superstar
It's inevitable that as well known performers age, and music changes, younger performers will always emerge to take their place on the music charts. This past year the youngest performer to explode upon the scene has been 14-year-old Joanna Levesque -- better known simply as "JoJo."
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Paris is Hot This Time of Year
It seems as though you can't do anything these days without seeing or hearing about Paris Hilton. You turn on the TV and there is her hit TV show, The Simple Life. While listening to the radio there's whole segments about her party-hopping personal life. While at the movies, there's previews for her upcoming film, and when you walk into the book store there's large displays for her best selling book, "Confessions of an heiress."
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GirlsNewsDaily Covers Hollywood Parade
Most Southern California residents know the Christmas season officially begins with the start of The Hollywood Christmas Parade. It's a tradition that's been going strong since 1928, and usually falls on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving.
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Former Teen Star Reflects on Past Popularity
Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are two of the most famous young pop-icons of our generation. But before they started their careers, there were other teen pop queens topping the charts, and in the 1980's no young performer was more popular than the red-haired singing sensation, simply known as "Tiffany."
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Redecorating Your Room
This summer, you can get a fresh start on redesigning and redecorating your room without spending a lot of money.
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